Dr Ravinder Varaich Smile Designer

GDC No: 80964
MFGDP (Royal College of Surgeons, London)

Clinical Negligence Expert (University of Cardiff accredited expert)

Implant and bone graft training one to one for 18 months at The University of Sheffield

I am passionate about listening to what you want to achieve – whether it be simply achieving dental health, having advanced cosmetic treatments, simple softening of some lines and wrinkles, or a liquid face lift and the full package, I’m here to guide and advise you on the best way to achieve your goals!

It’s so important to me that all my patients get what they want and more, so during your first visit with me, I ask that we take time to talk so that I can ensure I am catering to your needs, so that we are not offering you treatments you are not interested in, but also not missing out on something you desire. That way, I can meet your needs at a cost that is affordable and manageable for you.

I have a particular interest in tooth straightening, cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics (anti wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and chemical peels) as well as intra venous nutrition (delivering vitamins intra-venously), but I am also passionate about every day general dentistry too.