Health screening is an important part of our practice. The essence is to identify disease before a patient starts developing symptoms. If we can diagnose conditions early they are often more treatable – through lifestyle modification, medication or surgery – thereby leading to improved health outcomes.

Many centres now perform whole body scans (MRI scans), but we believe this can potentially cause more harm than good. Firstly, some conditions are not picked up by a scan alone and therefore give false reassurance. In addition, there may be some findings on a scan which may not have caused any harm at all – leading to anxiety and unnecessary further tests which may be invasive and carry a risk of complications.

Our approach is different. We offer a holistic and targeted health screening programme – this involves a thorough history – including discussing family history and risk factors. Followed by a full examination, urine tests, ECG and blood tests.

Further tests are then offered depending on the outcome and these are focussed on some of the most common diseases. We not only want to identify disease but then work with you to manage and hopefully cure any condition we may find.

Our health screening assessments are bespoke, evidence based and comprehensive for ultimate peace of mind.

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Cardiovascular Disease
Colorectal Cancer
Lung Cancer
Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Biological Age / Telomere Testing
Pharmacogenomic Testing

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